"The privilege of nature revealing to me its beauty."


Tony Rea

How would you describe your style?

I’m drawn to all aspects of nature. I particularly look for the story of how one part of nature relates to another; a leaf on a tree, a shell on a beach, light on water.

All things relate to something else; that’s the big story and I’m delighted to discover that relationship and capture it through my photography.

Photography has been a gift to me. I’m blessed to have this means to love life and be delighted in it.

I see the environment around me as a gift worthy of our utmost respect and care.


Do you intend your photography to convey a message?

I love seeing something in its simple beauty. Just like each of us has a simple beauty. I’m drawn to how that beauty says something about life and us.

Where do you live and what do you love about your local area?

I live in Cronulla in Sydney’s south. I love the two major landscapes of the area; the coast and the bush.



How did you get into photography?

It evolved as a means to tell a story; my story. The camera gave me a focus to appreciate nature and myself.


What do you enjoy about photography the most and why?

To name one I would say the bark on trees. The bark protects the tree and then sheds to allow new growth. The colours, shapes and textures are unique works of art of nature.


If you could shoot
anywhere in the world,
where would it be and why ?

At the moment I’m thinking New Zealand. Rainforest, waterways and dramatic landscapes.


Out of all of
the photographs you have taken,
which is your favourite and why ?

I love the rockpool image I captured in Temptation Creek in the Royal National Park. My partner, Jane, and I call it Picasso.