I am in awe of nature.  How so many things can come together to form the world we live in, which has so much beauty, is beyond incredible.


Kiah Rea

How would you describe your style?

I love capturing aspects of nature through a hand-held camera and also through drone photography. My go-to is probably drone photography as it gives a truly unique perspective of the world around us. My style centres around showing others the natural beauty that surrounds us in a way that one might normally not get to experience it.

I feel privileged to be doing what I love for a career.  Capturing the beauty and vastness of the world around me also makes me feel humbled.

I love being able to capture a unique perspective on the world around us, and being in the incredible position to share that with others.


Where do you live & why do you love it ?

Cronulla in the Sutherland Shire.

I love the beach; living in Cronulla feels like you’re forever on holiday, even when you’re working hard.  
I live a block from the ocean and having the ability to step outside to capture shots of the ocean at any time is unreal.

What do you intend your photography to convey?

Really, I just want to capture the incredible beauty of the world around us, that often gets missed in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  I love it when I can offer people a new perspective on the world around us.


What is your favourite time of day to shoot and why ?

Sunset; nature’s golden hour.  The incredible pinks and orange hues in the sky coupled with the long shadows cast on the ground by the setting sun make for some spectacular photo opportunities.


Why did you get into photography ?

My father, Tony Rea, has been a photographer all my life. It is something I grew up with and came to love on my own terms too.


If you could shoot
anywhere in the world,
where would it be and why ?

I would love to take my drone above Lake Eyre, officially known as Kati Thanda, which is located in the far north region of South Australia.
As mentioned, I love capturing shots of salt lakes from above, and Kati Thanda is in a class of its own.  It is one of the biggest salt lakes in the world and has an incredible pink hue. The size and the unique colours of the lake would make for some incredible shots.

Is your work intentional
or do you know the
moment when you see it ?

A bit of both.  Sometimes when the weather and the light is right I set out to shoot for the day.  Sometimes, I stumble across an opportunity and I take it.


Out of all of the
photographs you have taken,
which is your favourite and why ?

Shoes Entry, a shot taken near Oak Park Cronulla, is my current favourite as it really evokes the feeling of summer and all that it brings.