We turn your Ideas into works of art

We can custom shoot a special theme or a collection from a local area that adds a sense of belonging and a personal touch to your project.


We invoke a sense of belonging to re-create “homey” comfort in your commercial space.

Recently our custom collections have had marked success in the Health and Aged Care sectors with the use of iconic local images to encourage local stories. Our custom work makes a statement about belonging for the residents of a facility, with “it feels like home” our best compliment.

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Our process

Scope Meeting

Listening to you and learning about your project. 
When, Where, How & Why?
A scope meeting is a beginning point.

Research and Historical References

Research into an area and its history is the foundation of our custom shoot. 
What are the locations that tell the story of an area?
How do these locations create meaning and a sense of belonging for locals?
Our history shapes our sense of who we are and builds our experience of home and belonging. 
These elements of research and history create a unique story, and we capture that for you in our photography.

Concept Presentation

Now is the time to look at some images. 
The custom shoot is complete, and the historical research has been done. 
Our images will be grouped into areas or themes for your feedback. Together we can share ideas and designs and reach a mutual understanding of how you would like to proceed. 
All possibilities are on the table; it’s time to be creative.

Custom Shoot

This is where we get creative. 
Our custom shoot is based on your scope and our research. 
Shire Arthouse is unique. Your artwork becomes a collection of original images shot by us just for your project. 
Your selections are then printed, framed, and installed. 
A team effort with you.

Manufacture & Installation

The quality of our images is matched by the quality of our framing. 
We use archival-grade media and ink in our printing.
Our skilled framers add their creative touch to the final production of our artwork. 
We follow through on the whole process by also installing the artwork. 
It needs to look right on the wall, and we guarantee a quality installation.

Our projects

We build on big ideas collaboratively

Our commercial clients

What others say about our commercial custom collection.

SHIRE ART HOUSE understands the difference great artwork & images make in transforming an Aged Care Facility. Their images really do finish off the interiors of our buildings creating a warm and welcoming space for our residents to live in and certainly bring the outside world inside for our residents to enjoy. Their images are quality and are backed up by a detailed and professional installation team that easily work in and around our quite often lived in buildings as well as refurbishments. They’ve met all our project deadlines and help us to ensure we deliver a great looking product for our Aged Care residents and those living in our Retirement Villages. I would have no problem recommending Shire Art House to anyone looking for great images for their Aged Care Facilities.

Presbyterian Aged Care

Shire Art House have provided premium artwork, framing, installation and customer service to PRACC and our clients for a number of years across dozens of projects. The team are able to work effortlessly between the Interior Designers and client to coordinate selections; be it from their own image catalogues or supplied artworks, deliver around fluid construction completion dates and efficiently install hundreds of pieces on various mediums. Shire Art House are experts when it comes to understanding design briefs/schedules and work to an extreme level of detail to ensure our clients are delighted with the finished product.

PR Aged Care Consulting Pty Ltd

Our core values

Embodying core values of collaboration


Nature is wild, exquisite, breathtaking, intimate, inspiring… Let our artworks enrich your imagination, your spirit, your place


With over two decades of combined experience, you can rest assured the delivery of your artwork will be exactly as you imagined it to be.


We deliver more than just incredible images. We’ll help you find the image and the design that leaves you with one word; Yes.

Shire art house 1
Shire art house 2
Shire art house 3
Shire art house 5

Tony & Kiah

The men behind the lens

Tony and Kiah’s work is renowned for stunning coastal landscapes, evocative glimpses of the outback and abstract patterns of nature. Whether their lens is focused on the bark of a tree, a bush rock pool or the dazzling interplay of light and wind on water, Tony creates distinctive, high-quality prints with a strong sense of time and place.


Shire Arthouse Design Solutions
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